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How YOU can help!

As we all know pets and people have worked together as each other's support systems. They need us, and let's face it, we need them!

Our Future Workers of Northwest Indiana seminars are just the beginning of what we will offer the community. The catch is that because we are just starting out, we don't have a building yet to be able to have this program come full circle.

This being said, we are proud to introduce to you our first official fundraiser!
We have done our research and have partnered with USAgain to help us out!
We are currently collecting clothes and shoes. We are collecting starting in January 2017, and we'll continue until the end of June. Then the clothes get piled together and collected. And we get paid for it!! Our favorite part of it is that they even collect the items that are no longer suitable for someone to wear, AND THEY RECYCLE IT!!

Couldn't be easier, right!

Contact us and we can arrange a pickup or, we have a donation bin set up at:

Brightwood College, 7833 Indianapolis Boulevard, Hammond, IN 46324

We have another avenue for you to help and it's called Crowdrise!

Click on the link and it will take you right to our page.

Spread the word! Thank you for supporting us!